Customising an OHS Management System


Here’s a Few tips for Customising Your OHS Management System

If you decide to purchase a pre-made OHS Management System, always outline the exact extent of each professional’s responsibility in maintaining the safety of the workplace. You should always aim to reduce and mitigate risk and reference Australian standards wherever possible, while reducing harmful events in the events where risk cannot be completely avoided. Detailing the exact responsibilities of each level of employee will help you manage the systems in a much more comprehensive way, which can, in turn, ensure that the working environment is kept safe. Always be as clear as possible about what measures need to be taken and by who in order to limit confusion and handle any hazards that may occur in a more timely fashion.

Considering Major Items and Goals

Every policy and safe work method statement template should clearly state any arrangements that need to be made in order to support and implement the control measurements required. These can include any procedures, such as safety meetings, occupational hygiene guidelines, and any type of safety training that can help promote a safer environment. Be as specific as you need to, as a combination of umbrella guidelines and specific ones can help keep your employees flexible after the completion of your current project. All policies should discuss active and continuous participation on the part of the employees in order to make sure that specific guidelines are achieved as they relate to promoting a safer environment.

Keeping up to date with the policy’s statements is another crucial part of establishing your WHS Management System. You will want to make sure that it is amended from time to time, depending on your current business’s structure and project. While specifics may need to be changed, the same basic foundation should stay the same, and it is absolutely crucial to ensure that all members of your group actively uphold that foundation. The goal of any safety program is to limit injuries and illnesses, and different measurements and milestones can be made in accordance to percentages and resource allocations. Changing these will depend on the nature of your workplace and project, but ultimately you will want to maximize safety while minimizing costs. Optimizing your management plan and making sure that it is regularly maintained will ensure that such positive results are constantly established.

Finalising the Terms

Always be as thorough as possible when it comes to checking the first draft of your safe work method statement template example. All systems will differ from workplace to workplace, but their goals and structures will be the same. You will want to reference as many authorities and sources as you can in order to make sure that your guidelines have the backing they need to be implemented in the workplace. Outline varying degrees of responsibility and ensure that all of your employees understand what is expected of them when it comes to creating a safe and secure working environment. Remember that you will always be aiming to improve your hazard management plan, and that changes may need to be made depending on any major changes as they occur within your company.

Your OHS Management System should be continually adjusted and updated on a continual basis to suit the requirements of the practical aspects of running your business and should be used on a day to day business. This doesn’t mean that it has to be a complicated process, however your safety management system should be comprehensive and informative as well as easy to understand for any staff or contractors that will be referring to the documents contained within the safety management system (also known as an ohs management system or a whs management system).…

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